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Phil Hancock is a balladeer.

His music has been christened as “theatrical piano pop” – a unique subgenre of pop music that is melodramatic, quirky and emotional. It is “pop that punches you in the heart” – powerhouse vocals, catchy hooks and sincere lyrics that hit home.

“I consider myself a songwriter foremost. All my songs start with me at a piano and a story to tell.”

Phil is a self-taught pianist and a self-assured optimist. Two things he always had growing up – a piano and a smile on his face.

“I’ve been playing piano since I was nine, but I never got lessons. I’ve been told I have really bad habits and a strange way of playing. I prefer to keep it that way.”

In school, Phil Hancock was the tall, skinny music & drama nerd with pale skin, curly hair, freckles and glasses. With the unlikely dream of being a pop artist. And after studying Music at university in Brisbane, he began working on that dream.

Three music videos, a bow tie line, a charity single, one EP and a headlining national tour later, Phil is ready to escape from his Brisbane confine towards a more global audience.

He has just released his latest single, “Orchestra”, and is a few months shy from releasing his sophomore EP, “Fox”. And with this release, he wants it to be about the songs.

“I don’t fit into the traditional pop mould, but I want the music to speak for itself. I write about being the outsider, getting your heart broken over and over again, and how that screws you up.”

It’s all a bit exaggerated, but that’s what theatrical pop is all about.



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Photographer: Dan KlocekModel: P. Hancock

Photography by Daniel Klocek, DJZK Photography